Announcing: Expedition to Chult

The results from last week’s poll are in, and with that information in mind we are happy to announce our upcoming project: Expedition to Chult.

Expedition to Chult will be our first adventure path, taking characters from lowly 1st level adventurer hopefuls in Baldur’s Gate to seasoned explorers commanding an outpost in the deadly jungles of Chult. This is a project I am very excited about and have had on the back burner for a while, and your responses to my survey have given me the inspiration I needed to finally make a move.

In addition to a full adventure path covering 12 levels of game play (as well as numerous sidetrecks and random encounters), Expedition to Chult will feature a number of new mechanics including:

  1. Expanded Rules for Herbalism and Alchemy (building on those already found on our site
  2. A Settlement System for managing the construction and growth of a town or outpost, including managing projects and construction undertaken by its inhabitants
  3. Dozens of new beasts, including new types of dinosaurs
  4. New NPC stat blocks for humans, dwarves, and elves
  5. The Batari goblins
  6. Rules for Chultan Dwarves
  7. New magic items
  8. New archetypes for the Ranger, Druid, Wizard, and Fighter

Because this is a fairly major undertaking, we will be releasing all of this in PDF form through the DM’s Guild. All of the mechanics, as well as the Player’s Guide to Chult (containing a new map of the island updated for 5th edition), the random encounters book, and the first adventure, will be “Pay What You Want”. While we appreciate every dime you’re willing to give, we also understand that gamers are often on tight budgets. Subsequent adventures in the campaign path will be priced at $1.99, and each adventure should contain enough material for a 4+ hour session.

Thanks to all of you who support what we do.

Matthew (Seamus the Bard)

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