Sorcerous Origin

Your mystical power comes from aberrant bloodlines, most commonly through an aboleth’s thrall but occasionally through something more sinister and unknowable.

Shifting Form

At 1st level, your form becomes less substantial, shifting and changing in unpredictable ways. On your turn, you may use a bonus action to roll a d10 and consult the following table. These changes last until the beginning of your following turn, at which time you may use a bonus action to maintain your current ability, roll for a new one, or simply revert to your normal form.

1 Intense Visions: Your vision blurs and you are overtaken by intense visions of another realm. You are stunned until the beginning of your following turn.
2 Deep Speech: You cast confusion centered on yourself. The spell affects all creatures in the radius, including yourself.
3 Amorphous: Your body loses consistency and shape. You can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide without squeezing.
4 Oily Discharge: You cast grease centered on yourself.
5-6 Tentacle: You grow a pseudopod. As part of the bonus action used to trigger this ability, you may make an unarmed strike that deals an additional 1d6 acid damage.
7 Covered in Eyes: A number of eyes sprout from your skin. You gain blindsight to a range of 20 feet.
8 Swollen Pustules: You sprout lumpy pus filled growths all over your body. Your AC becomes 16, unless it is already higher.
9 Unnatural Strength: You spontaneously grow in strength and size. You gain double your Strength bonus to attack and damage rolls and make Strength checks and saving throws with advantage
10 Gibbering Mouths: You grow several mouths from random parts of your anatomy. You cannot speak in an intelligible fashion, and have disadvantage on Stealth checks to avoid being heard. You can still cast spells that require verbal components, and any spell with a casting time of 1 action that requires only verbal components may be cast as part of the bonus action used to trigger this ability.

Eldritch Eyes

At 6th level you grow an additional eye somewhere on your body. You can cast detect magic at will without expending a spell slot.

Mad Insight

Starting at 14th level, your madness can grant you unpredictable flashes of insight. You may spend a sorcery point to add 1d10 to the result of any Intelligence check. If you use the insanity rules from the Dungeon Master's Guide, you instead gain a bonus on the Intelligence check equal to your Insanity score.

Controlled Transformation

At 18th level, You may spend a sorcery point to reroll the results on the shifting form table. You may reroll a result on the shifting form table only once.

“Those of aberrant blood cannot be trusted except to act madly.”

- Seamus the Bard