Wise men who follow the signs and portents laid out in the stars, astrologers can be found in almost any type of civilization, from the tribal orc to the cultured elf, and they often hold positions of influence or authority. The craft of astrology does not rely on magic, though some astrologers may choose to delve further into the arts of divination.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception

Tool Proficiencies: Astrologer’s tools

Language Proficiencies: One of your choice

Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a set of astrologer’s tools, and a purse containing 25gp.

Astrological Reading

You may search the stars for signs and portents that might influence your course of action. If you spend at least 1 hour under a clear night time sky, you may learn some minor clue about an event that will happen within the next ten days. Usually this information is couched in figurative and misleading language, but one way or another the signs always play out.

Your DM might rule that the sky holds no particular signs at a given time or that they are unclear. Foul weather, or even just passing clouds, can also obscure potentially important signs.

Suggested Characteristics

Astrologers may be trained or naturally gifted. Their relationship with their talents often defines some aspects of their personality.

d8Personality Traits
1I am obsessed with reading signs into even the most mundane details of ordinary existence.
2I enjoy using my foreknowledge to accumulate power.
3I feel awkward knowing secret details of other people’s lives and I avoid most social interaction as a result.
4I use my abilities to gain favor with potentially powerful allies so that I can later manipulate them into doing my bidding.
5I’m hesitant to take any actions without first checking the stars.
6I respect and admire those who are fated for great things.
7I use my abilities to help the common folk: warning them of bad weather, raiders, and other dangers.
8My knowledge is a curse. No one should know their own future.
1Progress. The future holds so many fascinating things. (Chaotic)
2Control. Knowledge of the future gives me power over those around me. (Evil)
3Responsibility. I owe it to the people in my community to use my powers to best serve the common good. (Lawful)
4Hope. Having the ability to read the signs also gives me power to shape a better tomorrow. (Good)
5Non-Interference. Just because I know the future doesn’t mean I should try to do anything to change it. In fact, toying around with what is fated to be can only make things worse. (Neutral)
6Madness. The burden of foreknowledge is a heavy one to bear, and it weighs on my heart and mind. Sometimes I have trouble distinguishing past from present or future. (Any)
1I have witnessed signs of a great future tragedy and I must stop it before it is too late.
2My family didn’t believe in the signs, and perished as a result.
3A rival soothsayer has called me a fraud, and I aim to prove them wrong.
4I hold a position of power and influence in my community as a result of my abilities.
5I am engaged to be married into a noble family, but the signs are telling me not to.
6I keep a detailed library of all of my readings, which I hope to one day publish.
1I am honest and blunt to a fault, and am tactless when giving bad news.
2Despite my readings having proven true in the past, I am wracked by crippling self doubt that often prevents me from sharing my insight with others.
3I can’t resist a chance to show off.
4I value knowledge and secrets more than relationships with other individuals.
5I gave up a noble title and birthright to instead follow a life of reflection and true knowledge.
6I’ve seen a bad end to everything, and have adopted a cavalier, devil-may-care attitude as a result.