Locally famous individuals, typically from families of wealth and prestige, celebrities are trendsetters whose actions can occasionally affect the entire community. Success in sports and entertainment can elevate one to celebrity status, but regardless of the reason the most important part of celebrity is being known.

When you select the celebrity background, you should work with your DM to define the particulars regarding your celebrity status. Were you a local athlete or musician? Perhaps your parents were rich and well connected, making your childhood exploits more public than they had any reason to be. Maybe you were involved, even tangentially, in a high profile event that was publicized and talked about by everyone in your city. Regardless of the reasons, you are well known and people seem to like you.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: One type of musical instrument or gaming set

Language Proficiencies: One of your choice

Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a gaming set, and a purse containing 25gp.


Choose a region. Within that region, locals are more likely to react favorably towards you. Common folk alternately seek your attention or give you an extra wide berth, and even nobles treat you with more respect than they might otherwise. This favorable reaction often extends even to enemies, who may wish you ill but are less likely to simply kill you outright. They are more likely to kidnap you and hold you for ransom or find ways to publicly humiliate you.

Suggested Characteristics

Celebrities grow accustomed to a certain level of influence and wealth. They may react to their position of privilege in many different ways.

d8Personality Traits
1I love being the center of attention and will do anything to keep public attention focused on me.
2I enjoy using my influence to publicly humiliate my enemies.
3I feel awkward and uncomfortable with my celebrity status.
4I push the envelope in regards to trends and fashion, sometimes outrageously so.
5I resent my parents for putting me in the limelight.
6I take great pains to remain connected to my life outside of celebrity.
7Nobles respect and admire my good looks and winning personality.
8The common folk love me and I try to return their kindness by using my influence to champion their needs.
1Change. New is always better. (Chaotic)
2Influence. The more influence I have, the more power I have. The more power I have, the more I can get what I want. (Evil)
3Responsibility. As a role model, it is important for me to set an example for my fans. (Lawful)
4Roots. It is important to me to retain a connection to my family and my community so that I can remain grounded and look out for their best interests. (Good)
5Independence. I do what I want. Luckily people seem to like it. (Neutral)
6Glory. I do what I can to elevate my name and leave my mark on culture and history. (Any)
1My fame is how I support my family’s lifestyle.
2I am involved in a romantic entanglement that would harm my reputation.
3I will do whatever I must to humiliate my rival.
4My friends help me stay grounded.
5I am engaged to be married into a noble family.
6The approval of the common folk is what matters most to me.
1My fame is more important to me than my personal ties.
2I am easily swayed by people’s opinions of me.
3I can’t resist a chance to show off.
4I have a powerful rival that wishes to see me undone.
5I get bored easily, and am always chasing the next thrill.
6I’m terribly jealous of people with a noble title and legitimate power and influence.

Variant Celebrity: Athlete

Some celebrities are famous due to their athletic prowess. They may be renowned duelists or play some sort of local or regional sport that has made them famous.

Rather than proficiency in Insight, you gain proficiency in Athletics.