Some call no place home, and instead wander from place to place. Whether as part of a tribe that follows seasonal migrations, part of a traveling circus troop, or simply a lone drifter, these individuals have adapted to life on the road and in the wilds.

Skill Proficiencies: Handle Animal, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (land)

Language Proficiencies: One of your choice

Equipment: A set of traveler’s clothes, 5 days of rations, and a camel, draft horse, mastiff, or pony.


Your time in the wilds has given you insight into how to spot the best trails through rugged terrain. When traveling through rugged terrain you reduce the overland movement penalty to 3/4 your normal speed rather than half.

Suggested Characteristics

Nomads come from many walks of life and not all are grim loners. In fact, many belong to unique and vibrant communities. As a result their personalities are varied and distinctive, and no two nomads are quite the same.

d8Personality Traits
1I can’t stand to stay in one place for more than a few days.
2I am confident in my abilities as a scout and tracker.
3Cities are weird. Why would anyone want to live that close to someone else?
4I am talkative and outgoing, particularly when traveling with new companions
5I am most comfortable when riding my steed.
6I prefer to eat only things I have killed myself.
7I use my abilities to help guide others through dangerous routes.
8I am unaccustomed to being around other people, and prefer the company of animals.
1Excitement. I love visiting places that I’ve never seen before. (Chaotic)
2Treachery. Leading a group of people who don’t know where they’re going or how to survive in the wilds gives me power over them, and I use this to my advantage. (Evil)
3Pathfinder. Establishing new trade routes between cities is rewarding, and provides a valuable service to the towns involved. (Lawful)
4Guide. Helping people get to their destination is often its own reward. (Good)
5Wilderness. Without me as a guide, these amateurs would trample all through the wilds, ruining its rugged beauty. (Neutral)
6Exploration. I enjoy leaving my mark on the world by uncovering new and exciting locations. (Any)
1My mount is my closest friend.
2My family died on the road one winter, and I hope to ensure that the same never happens to anyone else.
3I am a respected scout for my tribe, and I regularly send messages back to them regarding the places I visit.
4I have a family that relies on my journeys to support them. I wish I could spend more time with them, but that wasn’t meant to be.
5I was engaged to a noble who I did not love, but I now wander the earth trying to avoid them.
6I keep sketches and rough maps of the places I’ve seen, hoping to one day publish the greatest atlas of all time.
1I treat everyone as though they couldn’t survive in the wilds without me.
2I don’t like to share my reasons for doing things. My charges should just trust that I know what I’m doing and leave it at that.
3I frequently exaggerate tales of my own greatness.
4I find it easier to relate to animals than people.
5I am on the run from the law, which both motivates my travels and prevents me from remaining in one place for very long.
6I am paranoid and agoraphobic, making cities any larger than a small village extremely unnerving for me.