Inspiration (Variant Rule #1)

After a long rest, the PC’s inspiration count resets to 2. A player can use inspiration on a roll when he/she can explain how the action he/she is taking is an important part of the identity of his/her character.

The DM should be liberal with allowing the use of inspiration. If the player made the effort and it makes some sense, say yes. If the player expresses a new side to his/her character, make sure it gets added to his/her character sheet (or becomes relevant in play).

The DM can award extra inspiration for good/entertaining roleplaying. A player describing their attack in a compelling way could also award inspiration.

How is this better?

  • It’s primarily in the hands of the players. They have an active and pretty reliable mechanic to engage with to gain benefits from roleplaying their character.
  • It naturally fleshes out a character’s personality by requiring players to explain the motivations behind their actions.
  • No headache and less burden for the DM. He/She can give out inspiration anytime, even if he/she forgets, the system still works.
  • The reset after long rest means unused inspiration is wasted which incentivizes them to spend it. Because they have 2+ inspiration, they can spend it more freely – less hoarding.
  • When the DM awards inspiration, it’s an endogenous reward: You are rewarded for roleplaying with a resource that benefits you if you roleplay.

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