Lost Sky Company


An organized network of adventurers of all stripes, the Lost Sky Company passes information among its members, coordinating their efforts on the most dire threats. Members operate either in small cells, or individually with other non-affiliated adventurers. When there are no major threats, members are expected to go about business as usual, reporting in on occasion so that the Company scribes can parse data and find correlations between far flung plots.
There is rumor that the leadership of the Lost Sky Company is seeking to stop a specific potentially world-ending threat, though the specifics vary widely depending on who is telling the tale. Some claim that the Company is fighting the resurgence of an ancient death god, while others claim it is the queen of chromatic dragons or even the mighty tarrasque. Whatever their true purpose, they are clearly preparing those among their number for an epic battle.
The Company operates a citadel in a far flung mountain, and equips its members with magical items that allow them to coordinate with one another and the Company scribes. The Lost Sky Citadel also functions as a training ground for new recruits, where they are tested for both capability and loyalty. They accept recruits of all moral codes, as long as they are willing to dedicate themselves to safeguarding the world when called. The leadership is made up of a triumvirate of former adventurers, each of whom goes by the name Seamus- Seamus the Wise, Seamus the Blessed, and Seamus the Bold.
Seamus the Wise is sympathetic to the Harpers, while Seamus the Blessed has ties with the Order of the Gauntlet, and Seamus the Bold often deals secretly with the Zhentarim.


  • Gather knowledge about evil organizations and their members
  • Research new magic items, particularly those that help the Company better communicate and coordinate.
  • Protect the innocent, and keep them out of harm’s way.
  • Recruit potential recruits and submit them to training at the Citadel.


  • There is a great evil coming, and we must be prepared for it’s arrival.
  • Those who are not prepared to fight must be protected.
  • We should work with other organizations whenever possible, even if that requires manipulating them into serving our own purposes and supporting us.

Member Traits

Members of the Company of the Lost Sky value stability and seek to prevent anything that would make a drastic change to the realms. They want to protect the innocent, and are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to do so. To a man members of the Company are daring, perhaps even reckless, in their pursuit of increasingly grand adventures.


The Company of the Lost Sky is relatively casual, though there is a loose ranking structure, with the first three ranks being largely informal.

  • Rook (rank 1)
  • Journeyman (rank 2)
  • Veteran (rank 3)
  • Tutor (rank 4)
  • Scribe (rank 5)

Downtime Activity

Report In: You have been given a Book of Echoes, a magical item linked to a “brother book” in the Lost Sky Citadel. You can spend a downtime day to report in to your superiors and receive any information that they may have related to your current goals. This has the same effect as a Legend Lore spell, though the answer may take up to one day to arrive. The Dungeon Master provides you with information that the Company is likely to know about the adventure. Additionally, you gain advantage on all checks to recall related information for the duration of the adventure, since you can consult your book.

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