Cloud Chariot

6th-level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Self (10-foot radius)

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

When the spell is cast, you and up to 3 willing Medium or smaller creatures within 5 feet of you are lifted into the air on a cloud. A Large creature counts as two Medium creatures.
The cloud travels at a fly speed of 60 feet per round. All of the creatures must travel together, though they may move around freely so long as they remain within 5 feet of the caster. If they leave this area they immediately fall.
Overland, it can travel at a rate of 10 miles per minute (it can cover a range of 100 miles over the spell’s full duration). You and your passengers are protected from the effects of this rapid movement, and the ride seems perfectly steady and calm even in the worst weather.
When the spell is dismissed, the cloud settles gently to the ground and dissipates. Should the spell duration expire or your concentration be broken while the cloud is still aloft, the magic fails slowly and you and your passengers float downward as though under the effects of a feather fall spell until you reach the ground.

Way of the Four Elements

This spell may be acquired as an Elemental Discipline by monks who have chosen the Way of the Four Elements.
Chariot of the Heavens (17th level required). You may spend 5 ki points to cast Cloud Chariot.

“Need a lift?”

- Seamus the Bard