Strange Magic

Any mage worth their wand can throw a fireball. But there exist stranger magics, unique and unknown to all but a select few. In my travels I have met people who can do everything from traveling via mirror to creating life draining negative energy fields. We’ll also look at the esoteric art of the medium, specialized necromancers who channel the spirits of the dead to grant them power.

Keep following the lore, no matter where it leads.
– Seamus.

One comment on “Strange Magic

  • Such are the rich tapestries of magical wonder, when woven spells offer but a glimpse a power beyond our touch. That is why the ‘blasting’ classic spells, or the instant effects of cast magic often stands only to replicate the kinds of flash-bangs encountered in ‘modern’ lore: such poor imagination.

    Gone are the days when barely understood rituals yielded unpredictable results with subtleness and remoteness to a target. Gone are the magics and wonders of Weird Fiction (and cultural history).


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