Survival of the Fittest

The great outdoors. Teeming with natural beauty and wonder. Also teeming with bugs, disease, and monsters. But despite these perils there are many who consider the wilderness their homes and feel safer there than they would in a bustling city with four strong walls and a disciplined town guard. I’d say they’re crazy, but who am I to judge.

This coming week we will learn a new spell, Secluded Den, to help make the wilderness a bit more pleasant as well as become acquainted with the Shaman, a group of Warlocks who commune with the primal spirits of nature. We’ll also look at the totems that many tribal groups call upon for power.

Next week we’ll meet the Primal Guardian, rangers devoted to protecting sacred lands, and the dastardly Highwayman, scourge of trading routes far and wide.

Along the way, I’ll also teach you the art of Herbalism, the gathering of plants and other natural substances to brew powerful remedies.

Follow the lore, but watch out for bears.

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