The Bard’s Guide to Waterdeep

Seamus carefully unfolds a thick piece of parchment until it covers the entire surface of the table. With a few quick gestures, colored ink spreads across the page forming a familiar patterns of roads, alleyways, parks, and squares. Paper buildings and city walls slowly unfold from the page, some rising to a height of nearly an inch. “I present to you the City of Splendor: Waterdeep.”

Selchoun's Sundries Shop Sundries

A shop filled with trinkets both useful (twine, flint, etc) and useless (children's tabards marked as "Junior Watch Member" or "Waterdeep Griffon Cub Patrol") that caters to the needs of its high class clientele in the Sea Ward. It is particularly bustling during the holidays, as they stock many of the items used in the various holiday celebrations.

Halamber Lutes & Harps Magic Shops

The finest stringed instruments to be found in all of Waterdeep, though the prices make them unattainable to all but wealthy nobles and the most successful musicians. Nearly all of the instruments is enchanted with some sort of minor magical charm, and truly magical instruments find their way to Halamber's shop from time to time. One of the harps in the shop is indeed priceless and not for sale: a magical harp that sings rumored to have belonged to one of the founding members of the Harpers.

Buckle Alley Places of Danger

Once the heart of the Shadow Thieves' Guild territory, this alley is named for the guardsmen's habit of checking the buckle on their blades before entering. Though it has since been mostly cleaned up, the Xanathar Guild is known to mug unwary nobles travelling home after a night of carousing.

Warm Beds Inns and Taverns

This unassuming wooden building offers a quiet, homelike inn with little more than what its name guarantees.

The House of Song Guild Halls

This small building is the main guild hall and meeting space for the Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, and Choristers.

Virgin's Square Places of Interest

This cobblestone courtyard is a gathering place for mercenaries looking for work, and anyone looking to hire a sellsword would be wise to begin their search here. Youngsters frequently gather in the square to watch the occasional duel between boastful warriors.

Roads' End Places of Interest

A small tomb built to inter travelers who die in the city and remain unclaimed by friends or family. This tomb is a frequent target for tomb robbers, since rich adventurers are often buried here with all of their possessions.

Piergeiron's Watchtower Barracks and Guard Posts

This is one of the city guard's watchtowers. It gives unobstructed views in all directions and maintains a small garrison at all times.

Ahghairon's Tower Places of Interest

This slim four-story stone tower with a conical roof once housed the great archmage of Waterdeep, Ahghairon. It is surrounded by an invisible magical barrier that suspends the skeletal remains of those who have foolishly attempted to gain entry to the tower and hasn't aged a day since the days of Ahghairon.

The Broken Lance Inns and Taverns

The Broken Lance is a cozy tavern frequented and staffed by the athletes and fighters from the nearby Field of Triumph. The tavern tends to attract a rowdy crowd on event days, and couriers regularly deliver the scores to patrons who were unable to attend the games personally so that bets on the events may be settled promptly. The eel pie is a house specialty.

Halls of Hilmer, Master Armorer Arms and Armor

A squat building with a facade of solid steel plate polished to a brilliant sheen, the Halls of Hilmer is hard to miss. They make fine suits of custom fitted armor, and even have practice rooms so that buyers can try on their wares before leaving to ensure a perfect fit and finish. The Halls of Hilmer are reknown throughout the Sword Coast, and wearing such a suit is sure to impress anyone who would know about quality armor.

The Butcher's Guild Hall Guild Halls

This large two-story timber framed guild house is one of the few buildings in the Dock Ward built on a solid stone foundation. This foundation serves as a cold cellar and is available to guild members to store any over-stock.

The Old Xoblob Sundries

A purple-walled curiosity shop filled with lots of trophies and souvenirs from Undermountain is popular among visitors to the city not adventurous enough to brave the Well themselves. The shop is untidy and unorganized, but worth a look, if only to see the stuffed beholder for which the shop is named. The previous owner, the adventurer who slew and stuffed Old Xoblob, disappeared suddenly and its new owner is an eccentric old deep gnome.

Old Guild Hall Guild Halls

This large rundown stone building is the home to the Cellerers' and Plumbers' Guild.

House of Crystal Guild Halls Sundries

This beautiful three-story, window-heavy stone structure serves as the headquarters of the Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers, and Speculum-Makers. The first floor is a large showroom which sells fine crystal balls and mirrors.

The House of the Homeless Places of Interest

This vast mausoleum has a row of low steps leading up to high metal gates. The mausoleum houses a portal which leads to a vast subterranean labyrinth where the cremated remains of those who cannot afford a place in another tomb are placed.

Harbor Watchtower Barracks and Guard Posts

This is one of the city guard's watchtowers. It gives unobstructed views in all directions and maintains a small garrison at all times.

Blue Alley Places of Danger

A large windowless stone building that houses a deadly magical trap-laden obstacle course, created by a wizard (who may live there yet) to test the avaricious fools who wander into its blue-tiled passages. The house is at the end of a long alleyway with blue tiles that glow dimly with blue light.

The Fiery Flagon Inns and Taverns

This nautically inspired building is famous among sailors the Realms over and caters to the highly successful merchant captains and privateers who can afford food and lodging outside of the Dock Ward. Countless expeditions have been planned from behind the sailcloth curtains of the Fiery Flagon's private booths.

The largest open air area of the city, the market hosts hundreds of stalls and camped vendors. Nearly anything imaginable is available in the market, if you can manage to find it. This area is also a frequent target for pickpockets, thieves, and con artists, despite the Watch's active presence.

League Hall Guild Halls

This large tannery features an open first floor with an enclosed second story housing a tavern exclusive to members of the League of Skinners and Tanners seeking to do business.

Builders' Hall Guild Halls

This lavishly crafted and well maintained stone building with a row of statues around the front serves as the guild hall for the Guild of Stonecutters and Masons.

The Zoarstar Guild Halls

This bustling stone building, headquarters of the Scriveners', Scribes, and Clerks' Guild, has a near constant crowd outside its windows looking in at the maps, charts, and tapestries displayed on its walls.

This large building has a stone first floor with wattle-and-daub construction on its upper floors. It is the main headquarters of the Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians and acts as a potion shop, emergency hospital, and school for student physicians and apothecaries.

Ahghairon's Statue Places of Interest

This tall, marble sculpture is an incredibly lifelike depiction of the bearded, robed mage as he appeared in his prime. The statue sits atop concentric steps, facing west with his hands outstretched towards as if to present the City of Waterdeep around him. At night, rows of torches illuminate the steps and the statue.

Eltorchul Academy

Located within the Eltorchul family villa, the Eltorchul Academy has been training the elite youth of Waterdeep for over a century. Though the academy accepts students of all social status, the high price of tuition effectively excludes the noble scions and children of the most well-to-do merchant families.

The Golden Harp Inn Inns and Taverns

A comfortable and welcoming two-story stone and slate inn that is both cheery and well-lit at all times of day, the Golden Harp Inn caters to high class clientele and is noted for the magical harp that appears in mid-air to sing and play ancient ballads.

The Crawling Spider Inns and Taverns Places of Danger

This unassuming stone building has no windows and the sign above the sturdy wooden door is a silhouette of a spider. The Crawling Spider caters to a very specific clientele - subterraneans who have business to attend to in Waterdeep - though some adventurers and nobles are drawn to the thrilling atmosphere. The interior is decorated as it were the interior of a cavern. Its barmaids are typically dressed the part of drow priestesses and treat their clientele with feigned (or sometimes real) scorn. Many small "caverns" line the tavern and private "dungeon" rooms are located in the basement, both of which are best left alone by nosy strangers.

Mariner's Hall Guild Halls

One of the most lavish buildings in the Dock Ward, this two-story wattle-and-daub building is set just off the Way of the Dragon and frequently houses visiting ship's captains during and after guild business.

Metalmasters' Hall Guild Halls

This grey granite blockhouse has a forge that dominates one end of the building. It serves as the headquarters of the Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths and Metalforgers.

Orsebbas's Fine Imports Sundries

This three story building hosts an overpriced import shop filled to the brim with rare and unusual items from across the Realms. Their most notable business, however, is their costuming services, which provide authentic exotic costumes for nobles' parties.

Aurora's Realms Shop Sundries

This tall narrow building is the most lavish of Aurora's six shops in Waterdeep. This shop stocks a number of high priced items to tempt the nobles, as well as all of the unusual items common to her other locatons.

The Keelhauled Dwarf Inns and Taverns Places of Danger

In the cavernous cellar beneath the warehouse known as the Houseof Tarmagus lies the Keelhauled Dwarf, a subterranean tavern favored by duergar, half-orcs, thugs, and other ruffians.

A large, yellow plastered monastery where monks devoted to Lathander, Selnune, and Sune live an ascetic lifestyle devoted to worship, service, and training to fight against the forces of darkness. This sect preaches that Lathander, Selune, and Sune are tripartite fragments of Amaunator, the Yellow God of the Sun, and that they will one day reunite.

Gounar's Tavern Inns and Taverns

This brightly-lit two-story building is built with deep purple wood and sparkling white plaster, appearing as a wealthy noble's parody of a typical country inn. It serves as more of a showcase for Waterdeep's high society at play than a tavern.

The Elfstone Tavern Inns and Taverns

An old, earthy tavern with live trees in the walls and the bar, the Elfstone caters to elves and half-elves and is one of the few places in the city where one can taste elven delicacies like elverquisst, guldathen nectar, and maerlathen blue wine.

The Metal House of Wonder Guild Halls

One of the few stone buildings in the Dock Ward, the guildhall of the Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths, and Finesmiths also has the distinction of being the only one with a solid steel roof.

The Stone House Guild Halls

This stone and timber building serves as the main headquarters of the Carpenters', Roofers', and Plasterers' Guild. The large building boasts fine craftsmanship, but the architecture and style make it a bit of an eyesore.

Riautar's Weaponry Arms and Armor

A low stone building with a petrified harpy perched on its slate roof, Riautar's Weaponry does a brisk business in second hand weapons and handcrafted bows (advertised as "the best bows and arrows in the North").

Downybeard Tobacconist Sundries

This small wooden is built from an aromatic red-hued timber, and the scent of the wood and the wide variety of tobacco ensure that most people smell Downybeard's before they see it. The halfling owner, Arn Downybeard, sells both tobacco as well as made-to-order hand-carved wooden pipes that are popular with the nobility.

Peaktop Aerie Barracks and Guard Posts

This low tower built high atop Mount Waterdeep is the headquarters for the City Guard's Griffon Cavalry.

A monastery of monks dedicated to Tyr known as the Order of theEven-Handed runs this small chapter house on the southern slope of Mount Waterdeep. Though they are dedicated to Tyr, their relationship with the Tyrran temple has been strained for centuries, going back to philosophical disputes between the monastery's founder, Hlam, and the former Hammer Lord Hykros Allumen. Though Hlam prefers a solitary life and does not frequently visit the monastery, it is overseen by several of his former students and has trained several generations of Sacred Fists.

The Pilgrim's Rest Inns and Taverns

This modest inn seems almost out of place in the sprawling city of Waterdeep, and provides affordable stabling and lodgings. It is particularly popular among pilgrims who have come to Waterdeep to visit one of its many temples.

The Jade Jug Inns and Taverns

The delicately carved marble facade of this narrow, three story building on the corner of the High Road and Waterdeep Way marks the location of Waterdeep's finest inn. Every detail is dripping with luxury and only the most wealthy visitors can afford to spend even a single night enjoying the sumptuous surroundings.

Watermen's Hall Guild Halls

This enormous boathouse and warehouse is also the guildhall of the Guild of Watermen, and houses their skiffs and ferries, as well as storing any and all flotsam and jetsam found while keeping the harbor clear.

Brian the Swordmaster's Smithy and Shop Arms and Armor

Now on its third generation of Brians, this large stone building is the storefront for one of the most famous sword and armor smiths in Waterdeep.

The Riven Shield Shop Arms and Armor

A shop famous in the Sword Coast region for affordable secondhand weaponry, as well as magical or historical weapons and armor.

Fallen Stars Fish Sundries

This small stone building sells fresh fish "from the Sea of Fallen Stars". No one knows how the owner is able to import such fresh fish from so far away, but many are willing to pay exorbitant prices for such delicacies.

Helm's Hall Faction HQ

This historic stone building was constructed nearly two centuries ago to care for the orphans and widows of deceased adventurers. Helm's Hall is supported financially by a number of temples, noble houses, and retired adventurers, while priests of Helm tend to the day to day management and administration of services. Many of the children ten and older are either apprenticed or working with the Lamplighters Guild at night, and they receive training during the day so that they will be able to ply a trade before leaving Helm's Hall at age 15.

The Queenspire Temples and Shrines

This tall, hexagonal, azure-hued spire was constructed atop a large outcropping of rock at the end of the harbor's eastern sandbar to honor the Bitch Queen, Umberlee, after a magical abalone shell was found floating in the harbor. Though worshipers of Umberlee are rare in Waterdeep, a small staff of Umerlants maintains the shrine, accepting offerings from ship's captains preparing for long journeys.

Wyvern's Rest Inns and Taverns

A former watch-post and blockhouse, this one-story stone tavern is a favorite of watch and guard members. It is a rustic tavern, its hallmark being the stuffed wyvern that looms over the bar.

The Mighty Manticore Inns and Taverns

This old, friendly tavern is particularly busy at the close of each day, as it is a favorite among merchants in the city. It features a broad selection of ales and light evening fare at affordable prices.

Serpentil Books & Folios Sundries

This narrow two story wooden building houses an exclusive and expensive shop that traffics in all manner of maps, charts, and books.

The Old Monster Shop Sundries

This stone building looks more like a jail than a storefront, with good reason. Here one can procure monsters of all shapes and sizes, though the establishment has a strict policy against trafficking in undead. Particularly obscure requests may take time, but their network of friendly adventurers can usually deliver. They do a brisk business supplying fighting pits and animal trainers, as well as breeding and training guard animals for eccentric nobility.

This miniature castle sells an expensive selection of fine swords, all crafted in shop by a pair of Tethyran smiths. The shop is famous for the quality of its blades, with a reputation going back over a century. The stone structure also serves as an emergency redoubt and guard post in the event of an attack.

Hriiat Fine Pastries Sundries

This beautiful plaster building is a wondrous bakery run by the retired master of the Baker's Guild. Each morning, crowds form awaiting fresh fruit pastries, and each evening they form again for a savory pie or a meat and vegetable meal loaf.

Phaulkonmere Faction HQ Residences

This noble villa features a pair of vine covered buildings and fabulous gardens enclosed behind high moss and vine covered walls. The Phaulkon family who lives there is often travelling abroad, though the villa is used as a meeting place for local members of the Emerald Enclave.

Balthorr's Rare & Wondrous Treasures Sundries

A modest curio and coin shop, Balthorr's is most notable for its collection of foreign coin and historic military equipment. While most of the weapons and armor on display are still functional in their own right, their value is derived largely from their use in famous battles throughout history. Balthorr is known to purchase coins, gems, and regalia with no questions asked though he offers only 40% market value for any items he suspects might be "hot".

Temple of Beauty Temples and Shrines

This lavish Sunite temple of rose marble, gold, and silver houses manicured gardens, remarkable fountains, incredible works of art and statuary, and sumptuous chambers where beautiful people from throughout Faerun lounge and bathe in luxury. The temple's dome rises high above the surrounding buildings, marking it as an important landmark to help travelers find their way around the bustling city of Waterdeep. The temple also serves as a secure neutral ground for noble families to negotiate marriages or arrange other romantic dalliances.

The temple's baths and mirrored salons are open to the public from before dawn until after dusk. They are free, but donations are appreciated.

The Dragon Tower of Maaril Places of Interest

A wizard's tower encircled by walls and an aura of menace, its sinister and dangerous air only amplified by the tower's shape of a dragon rampant.

The Quaffing Quaggoth Inns and Taverns

A favorite among sailors, merchants, and young nobles, this dwarven owned and operated establishment is known for its own specialty brew - the Quaggoth, a thick house-brewed stout mixed with a shot of a house secret liquor.

The Smokehouse Places of Interest

This large one-story brick smokehouse is shared by the Fishmongers' Fellowship and the Guild of Butchers. The surrounding neighborhood constantly smells of curing meats and fish.

Pelauvir's Counter Sundries

This wood framed general store is well stocked with moderately priced essentials and sundries.

Thentavva's Boots Sundries

This tiny, out of the way shop has a pair of decorative pegasi flanking its doors, and is known for its comfortable, high quality boots and slippers. The prices are steep, and the waiting list is sometimes several years long, but among the nobles of Waterdeep owning a pair of Thentavva's boots is almost a necessity.

Sulmest's Splended Shoes and Boots Sundries

This lovely three story building is the location of an exceptionally expensive boutique for footwear. It is very popular with nobles, particularly those who value both fashion and quality.

Ulbrinter Villa Faction HQ Residences

This large quiet estate surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens is home to Remallia Haventree ("Remi" to her friends), the widowed wife of Lord Arthagast Ulbrinter. Remi is a high-ranking member of the Harpers, and allows her home to be used for secret gatherings disguised as innocent dinner parties.

Phalantar's Philtres & Compnents Alchemists and Herbalists Magic Shops

A small, unassuming shop with a pale purple slate roof, Phalantar's sells medicinal herbs and ingredients for oils, perfumes, and potions. The owner, an aged olive-skinned human from far-off Hlondeth named Phalantar, makes it a point to establish good relationships with prominent adventurers so that he can purchase any rare and unusual items they may acquire and so that he can supply them with potions, oils, and spell components.

House of Wonder Temples and Shrines

This temple dedicated to the gods of magic was originally a single ornate tower dedicated to Mystra surrounded by a courtyard with an intricate mosaics forming a circle of stars around its base, but it has since grown to include towers and shrines to many of the other gods and goddesses of magic.

The Field of Triumph Places of Interest

A vast open stadium that plays host to gladiatorial combats, illusion and spell exhibitions, and other public gatherings. The gates to the stadium are known as the Lion Gate and are carved to resemble the gaping maw of an enormous lion.

Silavene's Inns and Taverns

This large villa was built in the style of Calimshan and once served as a summer residence for a mysterious noble, but was converted into a festhall and gambling house over a century ago.

Whistling Blades Arms and Armor

This narrow wooden shop has a sign with crossed daggers over the door. The Whistling Blade specializes in knives, daggers, and shortswords. Members of the Zhentarim, or anyone who has a Zhent who can vouch for them, can find a special behind-the-counter selection including tow-blades and hidden arm scabbards.

The Full Cup Inns and Taverns

A seedy dive bar frequented by caravan guards and noted for all-too-frequent brawls.

Bowels of the Earth Inns and Taverns

This ill-lit rough-and-tumble tavern caters to mercenaries looking for employment or a good brawl.

The Gentle Mermaid Inns and Taverns

This flashy establishment is one of the largest gambling houses in Faerun, catering to a high class clientele that plays for high stakes.

This large stone building features a slate roof and several chimneys, and is the location of the Yawning Portal, one of the most famous inn and taverns in Waterdeep, if not all of the Realms. The reason for its fame is simple: the inn lies above the entrance to a famous dungeon known as the Undermountain which extends far below Mount Waterdeep.
The tavern's common room is a comfortable, yet rustic hall with numerous tables and a long, well-stocked bar. The center of the room is an open pit, above which hangs a rope-and-pulley which is used to lower intrepid adventurers into Undermountain (for a small fee, of course).

Wyrmbones Inn Inns and Taverns

This small, rustic inn attracts an eclectic crowd of ruffians, petty criminals, merchants, nobles, and adventurers. The innkeeper sponsors a number of different adventuring companies, including the famous group of highborn Waterdhavian ladies known as the Bloodred Crown adventuring company. In truth, it is a front for supporters of the dragon Claugiyliamatar, more commonly known as Old Gnawbones, who is fascinated by the city of Waterdeep and one day hopes to find a way past Ahghairon's dragonward.

The Tower of Luck Temples and Shrines

The second largest temple in Waterdeep, the Tower of Luck is a large walled complex built around a central "tower" which is a circular pillared atrium with a transparent crystal roof. In the center of the atrium is a massive fountain topped with a bronze sculpture of a laughing young girl, representing the goddess Tymora. Visitors to the temple often make a wish and toss a coin into the fountain, with especially intrepid youngsters trying to land their coins into the statue's outstretched hands.

Fellowship Hall Guild Halls

The headquarters of the Fellowship of Innkeepers operates as a private, members only inn one night every tenday.

The Bell Tower Barracks and Guard Posts

This simple four-story bell tower is used to signal fires, attacks, and calls for assembly at the palace.

Cookhouse Hall Inns and Taverns

This old warehouse has been converted into a large hall that serves simple hot meals and passable drink to weary travelers and those down on their luck for two coppers. It is sponsored jointly by the Lords and Lord Ulmassus Phull.

The House of Good Spirits Inns and Taverns

This high end brewery, winery, and inn is noted for its wide variety of liquors and strong drink from across the Realms, though its specialty is a Waterdhavian zzar brewed on site.

Gondalim's Inns and Taverns

This three story timber framed inn has a long history in Waterdeep for being a quality place for middle class merchants and tradesman to rent a private room or suite for the night.

Twilight Hunters Inns and Taverns

This inn is popular among nobles who want to get a glimpse into the life of adventurers and is decorated with various adventuring equipment and battle trophies from the owners, whose company name still adorns the inn. It's famous orangeberry wine is particularly popular.

Skewered Dragon Inns and Taverns

This ramshackle building has an anchor sticking out of its straw roof. From within, you can hear the sounds of carousing ruffians, and through the establishment's broken out front windows you can see a group of rough looking patrons drinking from dirty tankards.

Raventree Villa Residences

The Raventree family specializes in the trade of rare foods and spices, as well as shipbuilding. They maintain close trade relations with Amn, and their large white-plaster villa is built with Amnian influences, including domed roofs and intricate mosaics.

House of Heroes Temples and Shrines

The House of Heroes is the largest of the temples in the city, dedicated to Tempus, the Lord of Battle. The temple celebrates the city's greatest champions, from soldiers and adventurers who have won their place on the field of battle to athletes and gladiators who have emerged victorious from the nearby Field of Triumph.

Tower of the Order Guild Halls

This three story stone tower is surrounded by a fence of sparkling green lights that coalesce into Azuth's and Mystra's symbols when approached.

Blackstaff's Tower Places of Interest

This squat black-stone tower with no entrances or windows is the home of the Blackstaff, Vajra Safahr, archmage of Waterdeep.

The Copper Cup Inns and Taverns

Three old three- and four-story warehouses linked and converted into one of Waterdeep's busiest and most famous taverns, inns, or festhalls. The Copper Cup has a bit of everything, from beer and wine to dancing and darts. The large cellar space is used both for storage and private gatherings.

The Jade Dancer Inns and Taverns

One of the finer (and cleaner) festhalls in the city, this timber framed building features silk panel walls and gilded accents. It is a favorite spot for nobles looking to step out for the night and enjoy the entertainment of their beautiful dancer-escorts and excellent drinks.

The Inn of the Dripping Dagger Inns and Taverns

This ramshackle wattle-and-daub inn has a thick dagger sticking out of the battle-scarred and bloody door. Inside, however, is a calm, amiable, comfortable place for mercenaries and adventurers.

Hawkwinter House Residences

This beautiful walled villa contains three castlelike buildings surrounded by a low iron fence. They frequently host lavish parties, particularly during the holidays.

Trollskull Manor Places of Interest

This former tavern has long been abandoned, and is rumored to be haunted.

Adarbrent Villa Residences

This small but majestic villa belongs to House Adarbrent, one of Waterdeep's leading shipping clans, and reflects the family's love of the sea. The large white plaster villa is surrounded by a low blue-quartz wall topped with iron, and the courtyard features a large mosaic depicting a shallow tidal basin complete with small fish and other sea life.

The House of Inspired Hands Temples and Shrines

This edifice constructed honor to Gond is equal parts temple, museum of invention, and bustling workshop. The symbol of Gond, a four-spoked cog, is displayed prominently above the temple gates and the din of hammers (and an occasional explosive blast) can be heard throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

Though it features less marvelous creations than its counterpart in Baldur's Gate, the small hall of inventions in the temple atrium is still worth a visit.

The Cynosure Places of Interest

The former grand House of the Overgod Ao is now a rental hall and public forum.

Fair Winds Places of Interest

This lovely villa is the only rental villa available on the Cliffride, and has been for nearly a century. While the villa itself is beautiful and exceptionally comfortable, its owners rarely stay for more than a few months at a time, claiming that walking past the grimacing face of an enormous sahaguin statue every day is "unsettling".

A merry, bright two-story tavern on Net Street at the docks that serves as he headquarters for the Most Diligent League of Sail-Makers and Cordwainers. The first floor is open to the public, and typically hosts a raucous crowd of sailors.

The Spouting Fish Inns and Taverns

A tumbledown wooden building serving as a loud, rambunctious tavern, the Spouting Fish is unpopular with locals, but does a brisk business due to its relentless street-cryer advertising among incoming caravans.

Maelstrom's Notch Inns and Taverns

This small, quiet inn is known for costly but fresh and perfectly prepared seafood from throughout the Sword Coast.

High House of Roaringhorn Residences

This once proud villa has been reduced to near ruin over decades of poor repair and raucous parties.

The Bent Nail Arms and Armor Sundries

A small wooden sign above this shop's main door is bare except for a large, bent nail sticking out of it. The front room contains displays of ornate wooden furniture, as well as a selection of wooden bows and crossbows. The wall behind the counter is lined with rows of finely carved canes, quarterstaffs, and wooden shields.

The Trolltower Barracks and Guard Posts

This large garrison and watch tower is famous for its roll in protecting the city during the Troll Wars.

The House of the Moon Temples and Shrines

Selune's temple features the tallest tower in the city, rising eight stories above the street and featuring an open rooftop where Selunites can be found basking in the moonlight. The gilded temple is famous for housing the Wand of the Four Moons, an artifact said to hold some of Selune's power and allegedly wielded by the goddess herself in the battle against Shar during the time of troubles.

The Font of Knowledge Temples and Shrines

This three story stone and timber structure is the temple to Oghma, and houses the city's largest public library. This temple contains one of the largest collections of knowledge in Faerun, second only to the library of Candlekeep, and is open to all.

House of Loene Places of Interest

This miniature castle was once home to Loene, a famous adventurer. A sturdy wall surrounds the castle grounds, and arcs of lightning can occasionally be seen tracing along the steel tipped spikes that top the wall.

The Hanging Lantern Inns and Taverns Sundries

A festhall famed for its stunning escorts and skilled matchmakers, the Hanging Lantern is popular both among Dock Ward sailors and nobles out for a night on the town. During the day, the Hanging Lantern also runs a costume rental business.

The Swords' Rest Inns and Taverns

A rustic, but well kept, tavern for strong drink, strong arms, and thick skulls, this rowdy tavern is a favorite among both mercenaries and adventurers visiting the city of Waterdeep.

The Underdark Inns and Taverns

An old, rare cellar tavern accessible through the cellar beneath a general goods store with low ceilings that caters primarily to dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and the odd goblin. Tallfolk are generally unwelcome, and will be asked politely (or not so politely) to leave.

Heroes' Garden Places of Interest

Waterdeep's only public park outside the City of the Dead is a large, lush area of grass, trees, and ponds once covered by the sprawling school of wizardry known as the Tower of Yintros. A number of statues decorate the area, including large marble statues to the Open Lords Baeron and Lhestyn (in her guise as the MaskedLady). It is often the scene of adventurers retelling tales of their exploits to local children. The watch and the local citizenry tend to the park, which means they keep the park free from debris and ensure that no one defaces the trees or statues.

Steam and Steel Arms and Armor Sundries

This stone building contains an indoor forge where metal weapons, armor, and tools can be procured. The owners are Embric and Avi, a married genasi couple, who are excellent metalforgers.

Endcliff Tower Barracks and Guard Posts

This low, sturdy hexagonal tower built high atop the 100-foot cliff known as Cliffwatch stands guard over the plains to the east of Waterdeep.

The Shrines of Nature Temples and Shrines

A forested area in the midst of the bustling city surrounded by an iron fence houses the shrines of Silvanus, Mielikki, and other gods of nature, all hidden away among the old-growth trees and exotic plant life. Numerous small statues and fountains can be found among the untamed landscape, and visitors have reported seeing all manner of creatures.

The Shrines of Nature are open only to residents of the Sea Ward, though worshipers of the gods of nature are typically welcome.

The Halls of Justice Temples and Shrines

This large fortified compound houses a modest temple to Tyr and serves as a garrison housing many of his most ardent followers.

Mirt's Mansion Places of Interest

The most famous landmark around Castle Ward's docks, Mirt's Mansion features a tall, sturdy, fortified tower as well as several newer more palatial extensions. It is home to one of Waterdeep's richest ex-adventurers.

The Ship's Prow Inns and Taverns

This four-story building, constructed from a ship's prow, is a well known inn among sailors of the Sword Coast. The prices and services of this establishment are reasonable, despite its fame, though the clientele is often a bit rowdy.

Caravan Court Places of Interest

This open, packed-dirt courtyard is a staging area for caravans coming to and leaving the city. It is known for being noisy, smelly, and crowded with draft animals, laborers, and elderly spectators.

Court of the White Bull Places of Interest

An open plaza of packed dirt and straw, this courtyard is the location of the city's largest livestock auctions, as well as a place where most types of fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased. The use of magic is expressly forbidden in this courtyard (and signs are posted to alert travelers to this fact), supposedly because magic often goes wild here.

The Grinning Lion Inns and Taverns

This rustic, two-story tavern is filled with battle trophies from all over Faerun, though anyone who knows about such things would quickly recognize them as fakes. It is as raucous a tavern as you're likely to find in the North Ward and is favored by less adventurous young nobles not willing to risk a trip to the Dock Ward. The music is loud, and dancers in stylized armor and bearing fake weapons engage in stage shows that often spill into the aisles between tables.

Corellon's Crown Alchemists and Herbalists

This stately, three-story town house features a beautiful all-glass third floor filled with a veritable rainbow of colorful flowers and plants. The first floor is an herbalist shop where the owner, a wood elf with long braided hair by the name of Fala Lealiir, provides nonmagical herbal remedies and potions.

Sea's Edge Beach Places of Interest

Originally just an area of mud flats on the city's western seaside, this area has been covered with white sand and turned into a beachfront. While only used as such at the height of the summer when water temperatures rise to near-tolerable levels, Sea's Edge Beach is also used for reflection, solitude, and as the terminal of Auril's Blesstide Cliff Run.

Aurora's Realms Shop Sundries

A "Singing Dolphin" Catalogue Counter, this opulent shop showcases high-priced catalogue items. These items are typically non-magical in nature, but are often rare and exotic. Aurora curated her collection carefully to meet the needs of any adventurer, drawing from all across Faerun.

The Spires of the Morning Temples and Shrines

The eight towers that comprise the Spires of the Morning are among the most beautiful sights in the city. Each morning, the golden towers catch and reflect Lathander's dawn, bathing the city below in a beautiful golden glow. While this awe inspiring event happens for only a few moments each morning, the temple itself is quite lovely any time of day.

New Olamn Places of Interest

This magnificent building is an academy of arts and music built just over a hundred years ago and the training ground for many world famous bards. It is connected to the rest of the city by a magically illuminated tunnel know as Melody Mount Walk, and the sounds of beautiful music pour forth from the mouth of the tunnel at all hours of the day. It can also be reached by Cliffride, a steep treacherous gravel track that runs along the western edge of Mount Waterdeep's northern spur and is constantly exposed to sea winds and the spray of the ocean below.

Shipmaster's Hall Inns and Taverns

This ramshackle wooden building holds a private inn and dining club for captains, first mates, ship owners, and their escorts. Despite the rustic exterior, the dining hall and private rooms are all clean and luxuriously appointed.

Costumer's Hall

This three story building has a stone foundation and first floor, with timber framed upper floors. The first floor is an overstocked shop of costumes and props, while the upper floors serve as the meeting hall of the Order of Master Taylors, Glovers, and Mercers.

Mhair's Tower Residences

This five-story square tower is the home to the granddaughter of Mhair Szeltune, a former master of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, and her family. They are friendly and welcoming to any who belong to the Order, as well as those who have aided the order in the past.

Fetlock Court Places of Interest

This large paved paved courtyard adjoins the Palace stables and serves as a staging area for the guard's mounted contingent. When not in use by the guard for drills, it is a popular gathering spot for practicing bards.

Tiger's Eye Places of Interest

The building housing the private detective's office of Vincent Trench is unremarkable on the outside, save for the orange-and-black sign featuring a cat's eyes.

Sea Elf Trading Post Sundries

This small wooden building is constructed among the rocks on the shoreline from flotsam and jetsam, carefully fitted into a sturdy and uniquely beautiful building. This small trading post is used by the sea elves who live in Deepwater Harbor who wish to trade with the merchants of Waterdeep.

Halazar's Fine Gems Jewelers

This clean and well kept establishment is well stocked with gems and jewels, all contained in fine crystal cases and set against magically shining black walls.

Temple of the Seldarine Temples and Shrines

A large temple complex set among a small grove of evergreen trees and poplars, the Temple of the Seldarine's main building was topped by a golden dome. Unlike much of Waterdeep, the architecture of the temple is built in the graceful style of the elves, with delicate pillars and intricate decorative flourishes, making it stand out among the rest of the city's buildings. The temple itself is split into areas dedicated to the worship of the individual gods of the Seldarine.

Piergeiron's Palace Places of Interest

The white marble Palace of Waterdeep stands as a shining symbol of the Lord's Rule, unblemished by corruption. The palace is the main office location for many city officials, the majority of which are dedicated to the administration of city services, such as the Watch, the Guard, city clerks, and the Loyal Order of Street Laborers, as well as embassies from many of the powerful nations and cities in Faerun. The Lords' Court meets in a large chamber on the second floor, just up the grand staircase from the echoing open entry hall.

Three Pearls Nightclub Inns and Taverns

This two-story brick festhall has large doors that open to the street to draw in crowds. Its large stage hosts nightly acts including comedians, trained animals, illusionists, performances by famed bards, and exotic Calimshani dancers.

The House of Light Guild Halls

This three story row house with large windows serves as the guildhall for the Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters and is constantly lit by a number of beautiful blown-glass lamps, chandeliers, and candles. A huge four-foot tall candle stands at the bottom of the steps that lead into the entrance is lit every night and is one of the brightest, most easily noticed spots in the city, particularly because of the lemon-scented wax that wafts down the surrounding streets and alley ways.

The Plinth Temples and Shrines

This six-story stone structure resembles an elongated pyramid with its top cut off and small balconies that spiral their way up to the top. It is the tallest building in the Trades Ward and was once the home of a powerful wizard. Now it serves as a temple to all faiths making it a common gathering place for those who worship gods who lack a dedicated temple within the city. The flat rooftop is a common resting spot for members of the city guards' griffon steeds.

A great, thick-waled stronghold broods over the Castle Ward from the flanks of Mount Waterdeep. Banners hang from its battlements and pennants flap in the breeze from atop the castle's many battlements. The walls average sixty feet thick, with numerous rooms and passages built into their great bulk.
The castle houses as many as three thousand, and can shelter as much as three times that number in the event of an attack. The normal garrison is over a thousand city guards. Numerous dungeon cells, emergency food storage, and the guard's armory can be found in the many rooms beneath the castle.

The Book Wyrm's Treasure Magic Shops

This bookstore is embellished with a charming sign featuring a gold dragon curled around a treasure hoard of books and scrolls. The shop is managed by Rishaal the Page-Turner, a dragonborn of gold dragon ancestry and member of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors.

House of the Fine Carvers Guild Halls

This slate-roofed wooden base of the Guild of Fine Carvers, easily found on the High Road with its frieze of carved animals and people (including Aghairon and other First Lords).

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