The Future of the College (pt 2)

So, after dabbling in the DM’s Guild I’ve decided to take the site in a different direction. Converting everything to PDF format is honestly just too much work, and not something I’m really looking to do.

So instead, I’m going to do a major overhaul of the backend of the site to enable better cross referencing, indexing, improved searching and filtering, and a bunch of other features. This will enable me to produce some pretty cool tools, such as encounter generators, a character builder, and whatever else I can dream up. Ideally, all of this will combine into a DM dashboard, allowing DMs to replace their DM screen with a laptop or ipad.

All of that is long term. In the short term, I’ll primarily be rebuilding a lot of the site content to fit the new format, and also be updating the site itself to allow for faster load times, dynamic filtering options, and a cleaner design.

All of our content will remain freely accessible, but the more advanced tools will be available only to paying subscribers.

4 comments on “The Future of the College (pt 2)

    • Likely not until I finish this project. Submitted articles typically undergo a fairly extensive review and editing process, which requires more time than I am able to devote at the moment. I’ll also need to re-enter everything into our database to make it fit the new format, so it’s not exceptionally likely that I’ll be adding a lot of material now since I’ll just have to re-add it in the near future.

      The site will likely be down to a trickle of three or four articles a month until I wrap up this big infrastructure change, at which point I’ll get caught up on submitted articles and new material.

    • I’m pretty excited about it myself. I’ll keep everyone in the loop as the project develops. There have already been a few changes to our plans, but they’re all very promising.


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