The Inn at Blade Rock

Located on a rugged hillside just off of a major trade route, the Inn at Blade Rock is a regular stopover for merchants and adventurers alike. The large stone building that makes up the inn and tavern is well maintained, as is the high flagstone wall surrounding the inn and stables.

The rooms of the inn are small but well kept, and larger private rooms are available for an additional fee. The common room is expansive, taking up much of the first floor, and is often crowded with travelers. The one legged inkeeper, Hanley Crae, was once an adventurer of some renown until he hung up his sword and retired. He is fond of exchanging tales of adventure, and often rewards good tales with a free pint of their finest ale.

The inn’s kitchen is well regarded, a stout halfling chef handles the preparation of the food. A large garden behind the stables provides most of the fresh vegetables, and the inn regularly ships in beef and pork from surrounding settlements. The kitchen also serves wild game, procured from the nearby forests by a group of hunters that ranges nearby.

The inn would be simply a nice well run establishment if not for one thing: the inn is secretly a base of operations and recruiting grounds for the Lost Sky Company.

New recruits to the company are lodged in a sub-basement below the larder which connects to caves below. It is in these caves where initiates prove themselves, by defending a crucial chokepoint that leads up from the Underdark. It is said that all manner of vile creatures have attempted to gain access to these upper caves, but as of yet the initiates of the Lost Sky have kept it safe.

Once initiates have proven their worth in the underground they are escorted via a secret underground route to the Lost Sky Citadel, where they complete their training and formally join the organization.

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