Update: Expedition to Chult (Playtesters Wanted)

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while so I wanted to drop an update to let you all know where things stand. There’s been a lot of research that has gone into this project, digging all the way back into 2nd edition products and novels. This may be the most extensive treatment Chult has received since Jungles of Chult, almost 20 years ago.

  • I’ve finished a map, which to my knowledge is the most detailed ever produced of Chult and the surrounding seas and islands.
  • I’ve wrapped up the Settler’s Handbook: a 27 page expansion for building a settlement and managing its resources and inhabitants.
  • I’m finishing up the Seafarer’s Handbook: currently a 25 page expansion for managing a ship and handling ship-to-ship combat. The final piece of that book is a bestiary of a dozen or so sea dwelling creatures.
  • I’ve almost completed the Expedition to Chult Player’s Guide. The player’s guide currently stands at 45 pages, and contains general campaign related information, as well as two races, 22 new archetypes, some specialized weapons and equipment, a new feat, and a handful of new spells. In addition, there is a small bestiary of Chultan beasts for use with druid summoning spells and wildshapes, ranger companions, or wizard familiars.
  • I’m working on the Expedition to Chult Dungeon Master’s Guide, which will contain general information for running the campaign, as well as an extensive history of Chult (pulled from every book I could dig up; from Jungles of Chult and Ring of Winter to the 4th Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide and everything in between) and an outline of the campaign.
  • I’ve finished up the first two adventures/ The first is an introduction with a table runtime of ~6 hours. The second is a long, very open, RP heavy adventure that runs somewhere between 4 and 12 hours depending on your group preferences. I’ve also charted out the overall course of the adventures, over 20 in all (though a number of those are optional or dependent on in-game decisions).
  • Lastly, I’ve started work on the Shadowcaster. This will be the first standalone class I am releasing, and uses a unique magic system that is quick and easy to play, and very flexible. I’m having fun with it, but would like to get some feedback on the system before I release it into the wild. So if you are interested in playtesting, please contact me using the form below.

Once I get all of these wrapped up, I’ll be producing the cover art and interior art, as well as handling the layout. We will be using a unique template to set this adventure apart from much of the other items in the DMs Guild, as well as setting a tone appropriate for our campaign path.

Look for the launch sometime in late June.

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